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Investment Strategy
Types of Transactions
Summary of Investment Criteria
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  Investment Strategy

TPG/Tron Capital Partners ("TPG/Tron") has $100 million of capital available to invest in the debt and equity securities of (i) stalled or non-performing multi-unit residential and commercial real estate properties, and (ii) distressed or underperforming operating companies with annual revenues between $10 and $100 million in the manufacturing, distribution and services industries. The focus is on businesses and properties located in the Eastern United States which are underperforming, operating in bankruptcy, in default on their obligations to creditors, facing liquidity problems or with a history of recurring operating losses.

TPG/Tron generally will require some level of involvement in the strategic management of the company, often at the board level. In addition to outright purchase, TPG/Tron will consider purchasing secured debt and providing secured bridge financing in order to obtain ownership in the company.

Each investment will include a concrete plan to return the company's operations to profitability through performance improvement, financial restructuring, and capital investment. In the case of real estate investments the turnaround plan may also include completion of unfinished construction or repositioning and remarketing of the project. TPG/Tron focuses on transactions where the success of the investment is dependent  primarily on operational and financial changes, not significant revenue growth or the ability to complete subsequent acquisitions.