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Tron's professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in turnaround management. Known for our innovation, responsiveness and hands-on approach to solving client problems, we diligently implement the appropriate measures that ultimately will lead to improved performance and increased shareholder value. Tron works side by side with management through the entire process from the development of a detailed restructuring plan to the successful implementation of the plan.

The need to produce reliable financial information and forecasts is crucial to the success of any restructuring plan. The company's creditors must have confidence that these forecasts are achievable and are capable of being successfully implemented by management. Tron has the expertise and experience to produce reliable financial information and forecasts for the interested parties quickly which, together with our reputation in the lender and investor community, helps to restore credibility to the client company and increase the likelihood of a successful restructuring.

Working with management and shareholders, our objective is not just to solve short-term problems, but also to implement a realistic solution that creates a platform for long-term corporate health and success. We help our clients return to profitability by implementing change. Our goal is to fix the business, not just the numbers.

In addition to our focus on financial operations, Tron develops and implements detailed restructuring programs designed to increase shareholder value through significant improvements in operations, sales and marketing, technology, finance and business strategy. Furthermore, as required, Tron will develop and implement plans to sell some or all of the assets of the company in order to provide the highest return to stakeholders.

In many instances, management needs assistance during the implementation of the restructuring plan while they continue to operate the business. Tron can provide a range of interim management services including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer.